Friday, 6 April 2012

Full Moon with skywatcher explorer 130

Last night I managed to use my new scope for the first time and I have to say that I found the views amazing considering the reasonably small aperture of this scope. Even though the conditions were very hazy that didn't stop me having a good observing session on the moon. I decided not to wait till 11pm for Saturn to come over the horizon and called it an early night at 9:30pm this was due to the fact that a combination of a full moon and lots of haze would of made very poor viewing conditions. Towards the end of my session I decided to have a quick attempt at imaging the moon, but made the stupid mistake of not using the cameras zoom so that the moon filled most of the field of view. This resulted in meaning that if I try and zoom in to see detail on the finished picture it gets very pix elated. So hopefully I wont make that mistake next time!! So that meant that the finished image is made up of a small moon and lots of black sky. I think considering the viewing conditions and my mistake, apart form being slightly over exposed it turned out well. Stacked with the best 200 frames out of 1000 frames in registax and i adjusted the sharpness in photoshop. Any comments and advice would be appreciated.I will post the review of my scope when I get back from holiday in a week.

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